Tested Conservative Leader.

In launching his campaign for Congress, State Representative Steve Bloom is demanding that leaders in Washington fulfill the mandate of our last national elections. From repealing Obamacare and securing national borders, to restoring constitutional safeguards against government intrusion, he believes voters’ expectations are clear: Act Now!

Who is Steve Bloom?

Steve Bloom The descendant of coal miners, farmers and railroad workers, Steve graduated from Penn State with a major in agricultural economics and earned his law degree from Dickinson School of Law. He devoted his early career to helping small businesses and family farms succeed for current and future generations. It’s a passion that’s never abated.

Steve Bloom In his twenties, two events permanently altered the course of his life’s purpose. First, Steve ended years of personal animosity toward faith to become a committed Christian. Second, he transcended the family tradition of registering and voting Democrat to become a Reagan Republican. Both decisions would form the foundation for his future work.

In the years that followed, Steve taught courses in economics, personal finance, and business law at Messiah College. He and his wife, Sharon, ran a small family business while raising their three children.

Challenging Obama from Rural Pennsylvania

Following the election of President Barack Obama and his radical agenda to limit personal, religious, and economic freedom, Steve made his first run for public office in a seven-way Republican primary. He ran with the following mission:

Cut the size and scope of government, reduce the burden of taxes and unnecessary regulation, defend constitutional liberties, and unleash the power of free enterprise to create jobs and prosperity.

Steve’s dramatic election to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 2010 was repeated in 2012, 2014, and 2016.

Steve Bloom By every measure, Steve Bloom has been one of Pennsylvania’s most consistent conservative leaders, frequently challenging even his own party’s plans to grow the size of government, and speaking out for Second Amendment liberties and innocent human life.

Since his first election, Steve’s voting record has received high marks from the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, National Rifle Association (NRA), National Federation of Independent Business, and the American Conservative Union.

Steve and Sharon Bloom Steve and Sharon Bloom are members of New Covenant Fellowship Church. They live in Cumberland County and have three grown children, a daughter-in-law, and three grandsons.